This product is listed in: Jamming Systems

Mobile Broadband Radio Generator

Product number: PKI 6615

The PKI 6615 Mobile Broadband Radio Generator is a wideband frequency generator that can be used for hiding information, emitting jammers from computers and peripherals, suppressing them from receivers and for radio remote control.

PKI 6615 is a high performance Mobile Broadband Radio Generator that generates electromagnetic interference in the range of 0.1 to 2500MHz with an intregal output power of up to 35W.

Frequency range0.1 - 2500MHz
Spectral density of the electrical component of the electromagnetic noise field emitted by telescopic antennas at a distance of 5 m (referred to 1 √/ (m х √ kHz)), not less than:0,1 - 30MHz: 55dB
30 - 100MHz: 45dB
100 - 650MHz: 55dB
650 - 850MHz: 45dB
850 - 1000MHz: 25dB
1000 - 2500MHz: 20dB
Power supply220V alternating current / 50Hz mains from 12V direct current (in a car)
Power consumption / output power≤ 100W / 35W
Operating mode setting time≤ 10s
Operating temperature+5°C to +40°C
Dimensions of metal housing / Weight220 х 135 х 35mm / ≤ 4kg