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Trolley Jammer System 20 – 6000MHz

Product number: PKI 6995

The PKI 6995 Trolley Jammer System 20 – 6000MHz supports easy handling as a complete digital jammer with only 23kg and 550 x 350 x 250mm dimensions.
Can be stored anywhere and quickly ready for use. Internal Li-Ion batteries ensure continuous independent operation. Equipped with an AC/DC power supply. The frequency band is divided into 6 modules, which can be individually equipped with the frequency output according to customer requirements.

Hidden High Gain Directive antennas are integrated in the PKI 6995 Trolley Jammer System 20 – 6000MHz trolley housing, especially for Mobile Phones. External antennas and AC/DC power supply for Prolonged operations. 6 external antennas for directional or omnidirectional, depending on customer requirements, are included in the delivery of the PKI 6995 Trolley Jammer System 20 – 6000MHz.

Module Dimensions270 x 83 x 59mm
Weight23 kg
Container Dimensions565 x 350 x 240mm
Modules ConfigurationsAccording to customer requirements
Total Power Output 180W (whithout the antenna gain)
Power SupplyInner Power Supply on batteries
Outer Power SupplyDC 10V – 32V AC/DC
Battery operative enduranceApprox. 1h
Stand-alone Modular ConstructionEach Jammer Module is completely independent, which allows greater flexibility for upgrades, maintenances and substittions
Jamming SignalDigital Sweep and pseudo Random Noise
Jamming TechnologyDirect Modulation over Synthesized Signal – programmable features
System ControlThe Remote Control includes 1 display allowing to get real
Time information about the state oft he modules, to turn ON
Or put in Stand-By each independent module.
The Remote Control is removeable and endowed with extension wire
Type of Antenna4 – 8 dBi Inner high gain directive patch Antenna (integraded in lid container) 6 Outer antenna connectors for custom directional or omnidirectional antenna
Cooling SystemEach Jammer Module has a forced air cooling system that regulates ist power on the basis oft he internal temperature oft he modules
Temperature-20°C to +55°C
HumidityUp to 90%