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Drone Jammer

Product number: PKI 6745

Modern drones found their way into everyday life for many reasons. But they also have their risks, not only to privacy. PKI is a well-known brand in the field of jamming devices, so it was no surprise that our customers told us about their huge demand for anti-drone concepts. This led to a new generation of jammers tailored for defeating drones and other autonomous flying devices. The PKI 6745 Drone Jammer is a combination of several specified jammers together with a handheld directional antenna in one portable unit. The main focus are the frequencies which are used to navigate modern unmanned air vehicles to prevent the remote operation or autonomous flights. Additionally, all known frequencies for remote controllers are blocked as well to prevent manual operated flights. The drone will switch to emergency mode or even land. The PKI 6745 drone jammer is portable is and always ready with his rechargeable battery. All these components come together in a manpack for easy operation.

Frequencies2,4GHz and 5,8GHz for remote control signals
1,5 – 1,6GHz for Satellite Navigation signals
370 – 460MHz
RF Power4 x 30W
IP65 Manpack unit
Weight20 kg
Comes with a handheld directional antenna