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High Power Convoy/Stationary Jammer

Product number: PKI 6540

The PKI 6540 High Power Convoy/Stationary Jammer is a high-performance jammer that can be installed and programmed according to individual requirements and is used stationary or in vehicles. Up to 24 different modules are possible in the frequency range of 20MHz – 6000MHz. The power of individual modules can be set individually, e.g. 30W/ 80W/ 120W/ 250W. Up to 2000W total power is possible, above this it can cause damage to health. The antenna selection is also selectable, i.e. omnidirectional or directional antennas for each module. The antenna camouflage is possible open or in the roof box. Our shark antennas are particularly popular. Small, elegant and hardly noticeable, yet with high directivity (see picture). A built-in generator provides the necessary power. Air conditioning and RF protection foil are also part of the standard programme.

Programmable user-friendly control is via the supplied robust laptop.


The system can operate up to 24 modules of independent jammer modules in groups of 4 chassis with 6 modules each. The jamming system is capable of covering all of the following: VHF, UHF, CDMA, GSM, UMTS 3G, LTE 4G, Thuraya, GPS, GLONAS, Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, Wi-Max and Tetra (from 20 – 6000 MHz) communication bands. This depends mostly on the selected configuration.

Standard 12 Modules Configuration (possible up to 24)

Top Left Chassis:
1. 20 – 140MHz, 120W
2. 140 – 200MHz, 120W
3. 200 – 400MHz, 120W
4. 400 – 520MHz, 120W
5. 400 – 520MHz, 120W
6. 960 – 1805MHz, (SAT PHONES/GPS), 80W

Top Right Chassis:
1. 1880 – 2500MHz (CDMA 1900/ WiFi 2400), 80W
2. 2500 – 4000MHz (Wi-Max 3600), 30W
3. 4000 – 6000MHz (Wi-Fi 5GHz), 30W
4. GSM 925 – 960MHz, 80W
5. GSM/LTE 1805 – 1880MHz, 80W
6. UMTS 2110 – 2150MHz, 80W

Key features
  • Programmable high-power modules
  • Stand alone modules
  • Scalable system
  • Full coverage from 20 – 6000MHz
  • User-friendly interface and remote control
  • Easy employment through external SD card
  • Independent programmable bands by SD card on remote control
  • 12x digital 30W jammer modules (+ 12 bands optional)
  • Silent automatic air cooling system
  • 400W power output
  • Vehicle installation adapter kit