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Mobile Broadband Jammer 20 – 6.000MHz

Product number: PKI 6525

The PKI 6525 Mobile Broadband Jammer 20 – 6.000MHz is a unique broadband jamming system for protection against RCIED (Remotely Controlled Improvised Explosive Devices). The system is designed as a portable, shockresistant PeliCase to be used for mobile applications. Transmitters, mobile phones or radios normally used to activate bombs transmit signals with special signal characteristics (modulation/channel, magnitude/output power, etc.). It is important to identify the interfering signal, which is individually generated and adjusted to cover any RF signal. Several signalgenerating DDS chips are used to generate multiple interfering signals. The efficiency of the interfering signal is determined by the ability to generate the matched RF signals (not only to the output power of the interferer). The system design and software of the PKI 6525 Mobile Broadband Jammer 20 – 6.000MHz provides the ability to generate any interference signal with any modulation.


  • Programming signal generation for precise adaptation to various interference signals
  • Up to 12x DDS chips for programming up to 12x frequency bands
  • Unrivalled programming possibilities
  • External battery power supply for faster battery change
  • Userfriendly operation and fast start of work in seconds
  • Portable


  • Protection of critical infrastructure (government sites, religious sites, crowded places)
  • Military and internal security
  • Protection against espionage attacks


Dimensions600 x 270 x 250 mm
Weight16 kg
Power supply24 – 28 VDC 110 - 230V AC; Rechargeable Li-Ion Polymer battery 20Ah@24V standard
Output power100 – 600W (custom based)
Programming featuresFrequency start/stop; Output power 0 -100%; Modulation Speed carrier; Channel raster size
Frequency bands20 – 6.000MHz (can be up to 18GHz) up to the customer
Antenna SystemOmni-directional; Mono-pole/ Wideband Dipole; Diagrams are custom based
Operation temperature-10°C to + 55°C
Storage temperature-40°C to + 80°C