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Jammer in a Suitcase

Product number: PKI 6845

  • PKI-6845-Jammer-in-a-Suitcase

    PKI 6845 Jammer in a Suitcase

The PKI 6845 Jammer in a Suitcase is a powerful and portable jammer for mobile phone frequencies. By means of its unobtrusive suitcase design, it is easy to operate on-site. The built-in lithium batteries provide independent and continuous operation up to 4 hours. The transmitting power can be adapted to the requirements and its integrated panel antenna provides immediate application. The PKI 6845 Jammer in a Suitcase can also be equipped with an omni-directional or directional antenna for stationary use. The built-in batteries are chargeable during operation. The jammer comes with a wide range power adapter for worldwide operation. The PLL synthesizer controlled power amplifier covers GSM and UMTS frequency ranges from 450 – 470MHz which makes the jammer suitable for changing environments. The special design of the jammer transfers the thermal energy produced by the power amplifier to the outside so that even continuous use under tropic conditions is no problem.

Frequency851/869 - 894MHz EIRP: 3 - 32W
925/936 - 965MHz EIRP: 3 - 32W
1800 - 1990MHz EIRP: 3 - 32W
2110 - 2170MHz EIRP: 3 - 32W
450 - 470MHz EIRP: 3 - 9W
Power supply110V - 250V, 50Hz - 60Hz
Dimensions47 x 11 x 36cm
WeightUp to 6kg depending on batteries