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Man Pack Jammer

Product number: PKI 6900

PKI 6900 is perfectly designed for mobile operation in the field and works totally autarkic due to integrated power supply. Independently it provides 110/230V AC operation. As standard frequency we have configured VHF/UHF and SHF range. 5 different frequency bands can optionally be ordered according to clients’ requirements. 100 watt is the maximum output power for a jammer to be worn on the body without health problems. This implicates a jamming range of max. 150m. The PKI jammer is constructed to block continuously and simultaneously up to five frequency bands. Its smart active cooling system enables non-stopped use even in a very hard climate and weather condition. PKI 6900 is a state-of-the-art efficient cellular / satellite / mobile phone jammer designed for bomb disposal security applications, like troop marching and field operation.

Number of frequency bands

For example VHF/UHF
Up to 4 bands:
130 - 174 MHz; VHF 25 watt
400 - 470 MHz; UHF 25 watt
1200 - 1300 MHz; SHF 25 Watt
2400 - 2500 MHZ; WiFi 2,4 G 25 watt
Output power100 watt
Power consumptionMax. 380 W
Power supply voltage110/230VAC / + 12/24 VDC
Power adjustmentMulti level potentiometer, adjustable by computer
Battery operation time2-3 hours
Range radiusUp to 120-150 m (signal ≤ -75dBi in application place)
Total system weightApprox. 17 kg
HumidityUp to 80%
Operation temperature-10°C to +50°C
ControlWireless management
Cooling systemActive, integrated air filter
Antenna typeExternal high gain omnidirectional (standard)
Antenna gain 3-4 dB (omnidirectional)
Directional antennasUp to 2 pcs
Omnidirectional antennasUp to 5 pcs