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Jammer Detector

Product number: PKI 6825

  • PKI-6825-Jammer-Detector

    PKI 6825 Jammer Detector

The PKI 6825 Jammer Detector applies with fuzzy scanning technology, specially made for detecting jammer signals ranging from 50 MHz – 6.0GHz without interference of cell phones, WiFi, WLAN, Bluetooth and DECT phone. This detector has 10 LEDs indicating the detected signal strength. When detecting jammer signals, the LED will light from green to yellow to red, indicating the strength of the detected signal. This device includes a special environment noise verified circuit. A relay output wire allows connection to required alarm systems with e.g. acoustic or optical signal or wireless alarm transmission when an alarm is activated.

The PKI 6825 Jammer Detector analyses the radio spectrum of your environment and traces characteristics of jammer. The device provides high reliability and sensitivity. False alarms will be prevented by innovative techniques. The PKI 6825 Jammer Detector can be used stationary or with batteries and is a reliable companion when it is necessary to trace any influence in mobile communication.

Dimension130 x 68 x 26mm
WeightAbout 195g
Power9V - 24VDC
Detecting frequency50MHz - 6GHz
Warning mode10 LEDs
Alarm output1A relay with normal open output
Sensitivity tunesEliminates the environment interference (background noise)