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Long Distance Jammer 1 – 6GHz

Product number: PKI 6960

  • PKI-6960-Long-Distance-Jammer-1-6-GHz

    PKI 6960 Long Distance Jammer 1 - 6 GHz

The PKI 6960 Long Distance Jammer 1 – 6GHz strongly disturbs the communication between transmitter and receiver with special jamming methods. Especially in case of digital transmissions, this causes faulty signals and does not allow for any communication. A synchronization between receiver and transmitter is prevented and a transmission can not take place. Thus disturbed, even the most simple actions, as usual for remote controls, are no longer possible. Easy operation (optionally with remote control) as well as extensive self-test functions allow rapid responses to changing scenarios also during an operation. The PKI modular jamming system can be scaled and adapted to any necessary application. Depending on available space and power, country of destination and customer specification PKI adapts the electronics and antennas to match given specifications. Frequencies can be from 20MHz up to 6000MHz using high sophisticated sweep generators which are capable of interfering analogue and digital transmissions. Depending on the requested power the number of incorporated units may vary. Our PKI 6960 Long Distance Jammer 1 – 6GHz model leaves nothing to be desired.

Frequency range1GHz up to 6GHz, divided into 5 bands
1 - 2GHz 110W
2 - 3GHz 100W
3 - 4GHz 100W
4 - 5GHz 100W
5 - 6GHz 100W
Power output510W
Dimensions48 x 14 x 31 cm
Power supply24V DC
Antenna systemDirectional log-periodic antenna
Average amplification9 - 12dBi