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360° Crime Scene Camera

Product number: PKI 9375

  • PKI-9375-360-Crime-Scene-Camera

    PKI 9375 360° Crime Scene Camera

The PKI 9375 is a special tripod-mounted 360° Crime Scene Camera with combined LED lamps turning around its axis as a unit on the tripod in 7 ¾ minutes and recording the 360° view. Independently of external light and power sources. This 360° Crime Scene Camera scans every location in 26 aperture stops in order to reproduce all contrasts and thus all details correctly. Twice, it scans different heights with its fish eye to be able to calculate the position of all objects in the room afterwards.
PKI 9375 has been developed for the specific documentation of crime scenes, i.e. the analysis and investigation of criminal offences and is the future of forensics.
Even after years, the investigators could still search for clues. The associated software allows to consider and to measure traces in the context of the environment and to record all information. This clever PKI 9375 camera is also suitable for many other purposes wherever the task is to detect and to represent rooms and objects exactly three-dimensionally, i.e. it is possible to configure PKI 9375 for individual purposes. The military and security services that can simulate, train and document operations with this technology, are also among the users of this special camera.
The used software allows virtual access to a crime scene site and provides forensic professionals with an ability to revisit a crime location via a rich interactive display all from their desktops. It facilitates remote virtual location access whilst also offering a collaboration tool between multiple Police/Forensic staff, providing them with a communication method in the most timely and cost effective manner.


• Dimension: hard protective case
• Weight: 6.5 kg
• Resolution: 32 bit HDR (high dynamic range) image capture technology
• Lighting environments: 26 aperture stops with automatic adjustment
• 3D measurement: unique, photogrammetric immersive measurement technology