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Acoustic Hailing Device

Product number: PKI 9340

  • PKI-9340-Acoustic-Hailing-Device

    PKI 9340 Acoustic Hailing Device

PKI 9340 is a high performance loudspeaker system constructed in an ultra-compact array format for excellent speech intelligibility at distances of 500 to 1000 metres.
It is one of the most powerful systems available world-wide in its size. Typical operational uses for the PKI 9340 Acoustic Hailing Device are:

• Support of logistics and operations management
• Sound reinforcement of large areas
• Civil unrest
• Large scale fires
• Hostage situations
• Rescue and search operations
• Evacuation from dangerous terrain
• Psychological warfare
• Securing a flight zone
• Training over large areas
• Public speaking with announcements

The use of high efficiency precision loudspeakers in combination with the latest in amplifier, battery and speaker technology, creates a superior performance within such a small package. The acoustic design of the PKI 9340 Acoustic Hailing Device allows the system to be cascaded to double the output of the system (+6db) and effective radius. Modern battery management allows operational battery life to be extended from 6 to 24 hours and for standby use up to 120 hours. The optional remote control allows operation even from an undercover position or while on the move. The robust folded aluminium housing has been developed for use by the military, police, fire and emergency services as well as rescue and disaster relief organisation.

Operating range+/- 10dB 300Hz to 10kHz; +/- 3dB 500Hz to 8kHz
Long term (dB SPL) with 1Khz, one-third octave band noise130dB / 132*dB
Output RMS1m 132/ 134*dB SPL@1kHz
Calculated output max.1m 134/ 136*dB SPL@1kHz
Output peak (dB SPL)1m 136/ 138*dB SPL@2kHz (Lim.)
Coverage with 85dB 500m/ opening angle 60°
Speaker Assembly2x 3/4* ND-high-power-driver, weather resistant
Beam width/nominal coverage60° x 35° (hor. x vert.)
Signal-AlarmRelease button for alarm signal & volume control
OutputXLR or MIL-standard, low impedance
Security system AP-LockSemiautomatic / 3 steps with LED indication (optional RFID, key-less-go)
Mixer inputs4 variable industrial and MIL-standard inputs
Battery2x12V, 3 or 1 x 7 Ah, sealed lead-acid battery or 1 x LI BB-2590/U 15 Ah
DC external power supply9 to 32V DC with cda-120
Operating time with PB-battery6-24h (depending on the program)
Standby> 60h
Battery protection /displayIntegrated deep discharge protection, 3-stage display
Audio-recorderMP3-recorder integ. Ad-hoc-recorder external MP3 recorder
Microphone/wirelessML-515 with PIT or wireless microphone XLR plug-transmitter for ML-515 RPL-600 recording/play/PTT microphone
BackpackSturdy bag with carrying
Dimensions330 x 290 x 200mm
Weights without backpack5,8kg
With backpack6,8kg
Waterproof transport case8,2kg