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Bulletproof Briefcase

Product number: PKI 9305

  • PKI-9305-Bulletproof-Briefcase

    PKI 9305 Bulletproof Briefcase

This Bulletproof Briefcase grants important persons excellent protection from unexpected events regarding assaults with weapons.
PKI 9305 Bulletproof Briefcase comprises a ceramic plate with additional Kevlar material, the briefcase nevertheless offering enough space for the usual manager documents. In case of imminent danger, the PKI 9305 Bulletproof Briefcase is used as a protective shield, like a bulletproof vest, in which case the advantage is that it is flexible enough to protect individual body parts.

Hard-top caseBlack
DimensionsExternal: 48 x 35 x 12cm, internal dimensions for documents: 46 x 32 x 8cm
Weight6.5 kg
Threat levelNIJ 3A