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Ground Radar

Product number: PKI 9095

  • PKI-9095-Ground-Radar

    PKI 9095 Ground Radar

PKI 9095 is a very flexible, mobile and powerful ground radar used to locate subterranean anomalies such as caves, bunkers, foundations, pipings and the like. The PKI 9095 Ground Radar sends a signal into the ground and waits for the reflection or the echo of this signal in order to detect subterranean anomalies and this up to a depth of 40 m. PKI 9095 uses a frequency range between 60MHz and 300MHz. This is realised by the adjustable telescopic antenna. PKI 9095 comes with numerous automatic settings in order to optimize ground surveys on different types of ground and to simplify the operation of the ground radar for the user who just sets the depth range and starts a geophysical measurement. The measurement data collected by PKI 9095 are directly transmitted to an android tablet PC. The android software receives the measurement data via Bluetooth and displays them on the screen without delay. Among others, the software offers possibilities for the integration of GPS data, Google Maps, automatic filters and the input of individual notes. The existing filter possibilities improve the measuring results and support the analysis of hidden objects and structures. As a result of the integrated GPS support, all motion patterns are stored together with the measured values.

Operating temperature-20°C to +55°C
Storage temperature-25°C to +70°C
Air humidity5% to 75%
Dimensions350 x 182 x 60 mm (HxWxD)
WeightApprox. 1700 g
Operating voltage9.6 - 13.2 VDC, 18W
Operating time(alkaline batteries, 25°C), approx. 6 h
Operating time(rechargeable batteries, 25°C); approx. 3 h
Operating time(OKM power pack 25°C); approx. 10 h
FeedbackAcoustic, visual
External batteryOptional
Multifunction buttonYes
Transmission frequency range60 MHz - 300 MHz
Timing/Sampling settings16 stages
Complete measuring cycles9 per second
Data transmission
Frequency range2,4 - 2,4835 GHz
Max. transmission rate1 Mbps
Receiving sensitivity-85dBm
Max. operating rangeApprox. 10 m


• 60MHz GPR antenna: The particularly rugged 60MHz antenna enables geophysical measurements in large depths. In the process, this optionally available GPR antenna achieves far better depths of penetration than the 100MHz antenna and is particularly suitable for the location of larger and deeper objects.
• 100MHz GPR antenna: The 100MHz antenna is not only rugged and stable, but it is also capable of realizing high-definition measurements. In contrast to the 60MHz antenna, the 100MHz antenna is particularly suitable when searching smaller objects located near the surface.
• Power pack: Instead of the AAA batteries, the power pack can also be used for the ground radar. This way, the georadar can be continuously operated for 10 hours without having to change the batteries after 3 hours.