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Useful Surface Coating

Product number: PKI 9090

  • PKI-9090-Useful-Surface-Coating

    PKI 9090 Useful Surface Coating

This versatile Useful Surface Coating outperforms all coating systems already on the market. Excellent properties such as fire-retardant, water-proof, corrosion-proof, food safe, hygienic, sound-proof, skid-proof, tear-proof, etc. offer a wide variety of applications especially for the military. The PKI 9090 Useful Surface Coating is so incomparably strong that even shootings, explosions and earthquakes cannot destroy it. A revolutionary product when it comes to the issue of security. And this in particular in case of a special coating that automatically closes again when tanks, pipelines, etc. are under fire.

The PKI 9090 Useful Surface Coating set consists of extremely resistant polyurethane and is temperature-resistant from -40°C to +90°C. When adding pigments, a variable colouring is possible.

The properties of the PKI 9090 Useful Surface Coating are as follows:

• Approved for the contact with food and drinking water
• Abrasion-resistant
• Fire-retardant
• Watertight, resistant to normal water and salt water
• Protects against rust and corrosion from normal and salt water
• Can be sprayed on any surface
• Strong adhesion on all materials (e.g. metal, wood, aluminium, concrete, bitumen, plastic, foam plastic, styrofoam, glass, etc.)
• Skid-proof with texture or slippery without texture
• Drying time 3 seconds
• Can be sprayed in any thickness
• Can be sprayed vertically to walls and ceiling
• Noise-absorbing
• Anti-static
• Insulating
• Protects against X-rays
• Thermal insulation -50°C to +80°C
• Available in any colour
• Easy to apply
• Flexible
• Chemically resistant to most kinds of chemicals
• Can be bulletproof if it is combined with other materials
• Explosion protection (acc. to American military tests)
• Can be used as heating material
• Self-sealing (e.g. for oil tanker)
• Earthquake protection
• Lifetime guarantee
• UV protection
• 100% environmentally friendly

PKI 9090 is delivered in different container sizes depending on the desired surface and thickness. It is applied by means of customary paint spraying.

The physical properties are as follows
Hardness (shore D)55 +/- 5
Tensile strength2100 - 2200 psi
Elongation50 - 80 %
Flexural modulus2400 - 2800 psi
Taber abrasion resistance(mg of loss / 1000 cycles) CS17 wheel, 1000 grams weight 25 - 30
Tear resistance200 - 250 pli
Ross flex0% crack growth per 50,000 cycles
Specific gravity1.06 - 1.08 grams/cc
Water absorptionLess than 1.6%
Dielectric strength300 volts/mil
Volume resistance6 x 10 (12) ohm/inches
Dielectric constant5.4 MHz
Dissipation factor0.058 MHz


For vehicles:
Around the world, PKI 9090 sprayed-on polyurethane has become a valuable weapon in safeguarding the military. It is used to protect vehicles, buildings and an unlimited range of equipment from damage by abrasion, heavy impact, wear and tear, corrosion and harsh environmental conditions.

useful surface coating has several flagship formulations and can customize formulations to meet virtually any type of military specification. Its textured surface provides non-skid protection and insulation from vibration and sound. Linings can be sprayed from a minimum of 1/18 inch to unlimited thicknesses because all of our formulations are 100% solids, containing no VOCs.

PKI 9090
can be sprayed on steel, aluminium, fiberglass, wood, rubber, concrete and most other substrates. From non-skid protection on equipment, vehicles and ships… to secondary
containment… to the walls of detonation chambers, PKI 9090 provides a tough, airtight barrier of unbeatable protection.

PKI 9090
provides military vehicles with a defensive shield against the most treacherous conditions. It protects interior and exterior surfaces from corrosion, impact and abrasion and its non-skid texture protects sensitive cargo from shifting during transit.

For facilities:
PKI 9090
protects military installations from natural and man-made forces. It seals out damage from the most severe weather conditions. The thick, tough lining resists wear and tear, and the non-skid texture provides sure footing for military personnel.