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Barrier Riot Control Vehicle

Product number: PKI 7555

  • PKI-7555-Barrier-Riot-Control-Vehicle

    PKI 7555 Barrier Riot Control Vehicle

Entering buildings must be realized quickly and inconspicuously. A mission can only be managed successfully with our PKI 7555 Barrier Riot Control Vehicle. An elite force must quickly force an entry to the terrorists. An assault is often imperative. The surprise is half the battle.

This device only made various arrests of criminals possible in the first place. It can be equipped flexibly, on customer’s request and desired application. This also applies to the vehicle used. The bridges are hydraulically adjustable and can be controlled separately. A desired height of up to 10m is possible. A mission can not be faster or more efficient.
The PKI 7555 Barrier Riot Control Vehicle should be a must for any assault or elite force.