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Modular EOD / IEDD Robot

Product number: PKI 7550

The PKI 7550 Modular EOD / IEDD Robot is the optimum tool for every explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) technician. Due to its flexible track drive, the robot can be utilised on almost any surface. In order to get to the mission site, the robot is able to climb stairs and overcome obstacles without any problem. Thus the PKI 7550 Modular EOD / IEDD Robot can perform EOD tasks anywhere – in buildings, public means of transport or in outdoor terrain. Due to its small size, it can operate even in cramped conditions, e.g. in buses, trains or planes.

The PKI 7550 Modular EOD / IEDD Robot is provided with a manipulator arm and a parallel gripper. The manipulator arm is controlled through a new type of remote control technology. The manipulator arm can be moved synchronously with the operator’s hand of head movement. A stereo camera is attached at the arm’s tip, which transmits its data to a head-up display and the control unit. Additional cameras on the basic platform and on the survey module facilitate the operator’s orientation with the PKI 7550 Modular EOD / IEDD Robot.

A further advantage of the PKI 7550 is its modularity. With only a few manual interventions, the PKI 7550 can be transformed into a reconnaissance robot. Replacement of the payload modules with reconnaissance or manipulator arm is done within seconds. Thus, the operator can flexibly react to the requirements of his mission. This modular concept for a small robot is unique worldwide

REMOTE ARM MANIPULATION: The multi-axis arm makes this robot a versatile tool for clearing rooms, removing suspicious packages, and remote surveillance. The ability to handle heavier payloads improves the performance of this robot.

EXPLOSIVE ORDINANCE DISPOSAL & HAZMAT: Our ROV is an essential tool to keep people out of harm’s way when it comes to Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD). The PKI 7550 Arm can be equipped with a mount for a Carbon Fire 10 Disruptor. Multi RAE sensors allow for detection of gas, radiation, and other potential hazards.

STAIR CLIMBING: Capable of climbing household stairs and obstacles. For more aggressive terrain and steeper stairs, the PKI 7550 includes rear stabilizer bars, which are used as a stabilizer to prevent roll over on steep pitches.

REMOTE SURVEILLANCE: The 30X zoom tilt camera at the base of the PKI 7550 enables the user to view from a safe distance even in low light. The additional arm mounted camera provides the perfect angle for operating the robot’s gripper.

REMOTE ROOM CLEARING: With the Multi-axis arm, things like doors will no longer stop you from surveying potentially dangerous locations.

General Specifications
Speed2 km/h /min
RuntimeUp to 8 hours
Weight91 kg
Length96,5 cm
Length (with stabilizer arms)122 cm
Width56 cm
Height (arm stowed)66 cm
Ground Clearance6,35 cm
Multi-Axis Arm (6-Axis)
Rotating Base400 Degree
Shoulder180 Degree
Elbow270 Degree
Wrist Rotation360 Degree
Wrist Tilt160 Degree
Parallel Finger (Opening)11,5 cm
Parallel Finger (Grip Strength)
Vertical Reach179 cm
Horizontal Reach138,5 cm
Arm Payload (Fully Extended)11,3 kg

Features Overview

Main Chassis:

  • Enclosed Weather Resistant Chassis
  • LiFePO Battery System
  • Rear Flipper/Stabilizer
  • Multi-Axis Arm
  • Operator Control Unit (OCU)
  • Ethernet Jack
  • Carbon Fire Disruptor Mount
  • Transport Case

Camera System:

  • 360° 20x Zoom IR Camera
  • Gripper Arm IR Camera
  • Front Nose IR Camera
  • Rear view IR Camera

Operator Control Unit (OCU):

  • Rugged Pelican-style Case
  • 12” Touchscreen
  • 4GHz Digital Radio
  • Lithium-Ion Battery
  • Integrated Joysticks
  • Preset Arm Positions
  • Kinematic Modeling
  • Collision Detection
  • Video & Image Recording
  • 2-Way Audio
  • Quad View Display
  • Additional Control Modes: Cartesian & Joint