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Software Solution for recovering and decrypting

Product number: PKI 8435

Data analysis software to recover, decode, decrypt, visualise and report evidence data from mobile and digital devices. The PKI 8435 Data analysis software to recover, decode, decrypt, visualise and report is a forensic software solution for recovering, decrypting, visualising, performing analytical data mining and reporting of evidence data extracted with PKI 8430 or any other analogue extraction tool. The analysis results output by PKI 8435 can be exported as forensic reports for crime and accident investigations. In addition, PKI 8435 analysis engine for mobile applications is constantly updated as a result of our ongoing research and supports the analysis of the latest applications.

Product Highlights
Supports analysis and recovery for a range of file systems and over 2,000 mobile applications
Supports decryption of encrypted instant messaging applications
Provides fast updates and ongoing support for new versions of applications
Supports the analysis of social relationships
Supports the analysis of drones and IoT devices
Supports the visualisation of data after analysis
Includes a built-in Python script editor for analysing custom applications
Main features

Supports a wide range of mobile operating systems and devices

  • Functional telephones, smartphones and various other digital devices
  • iOS, Android, Windows, TizenOS and other mobile operating systems

Parsing and recovery of different file systems

  • FAT12/16/32, exFAT, NTFS, ext3/4, HFS+, EFS, YAFFS, FSR, XSR, F2FS, VDFS, XFS file systems
  • Data carving of unused areas

Supports analysis of mobile data from over 2,000 popular mobile apps

  • Multimedia files recorded by device camera
  • Call logs, address book information, SMS/MMS messages, e-mails, memos and Internet history
  • Social networks, maps, navigation, banking, health and lifestyle apps
  • Detection of anti-forensic applications and hidden applications

Supports decoding of screen lock and password information

  • Decoding of unlock patterns, PINs and passwords
  • Brute force through GPU acceleration
  • Analysis of iPhone keychain data – credentials (collected from iOS keychain, iOS and app information) can be exported and analysed by PKI 8440

Data decryption

  • Identifying encrypted documents
  • Supports decryption of chat messages, e-mails, files and other application data

Comprehensive analysis of popular messenger apps

  • Deserialisation, decryption and recovery of data
  • Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Wickr, QQ, KakaoTalk, Line, Zalo, Viber, Snapchat and many others
  • WhatsApp – Analysis of multiple backup files
  • WeChat – Analysis of several accounts, rainbow table analysis

Multimedia data recovery and analysis

  • Supports image recovery for deleted/damaged video files
  • Supports the use of the reference data set (RDS) to exclude from the analysis results data more than 9.8M of known unusable images
  • Supports conversion of audio files (from AMR/AUD/QCP/SILK to MP3/AMR/WAV)
  • Supports playback of QCP files and SILK encoded audio

Log Analysis

  • Supports the analysis of different protocols: media, keyword, system and network protocols (Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile phone masts)

Analysis of social relations

  • Provides basic/advanced modes for single/multiple phone analysis
  • Analysis of call history, messenger and e-mail communication data
  • Filtering by application, period, contact(s) and type(s) of communication
  • Community analysis
  • Relationship visualisation and automatic reorganisation

Embedded data viewers

  • Display extracted data and source information directly in the application
  • SQLite databases, HEX, lists, documents (text, XML, PDF, MS Office), photos, videos and audio

Visualisation of the analysed data

  • Map viewer for GPS and mobile mast location data
  • Offline/Online map (view levels region/country/city)
  • Timeline view
  • Link-Viewer (Visualizer for social relations)
  • Chat viewer
  • Web browser view (for the history of Internet surfing)

Advanced data filter options

  • Filtering by a variety of properties such as file system, signature and time
  • Dynamic filter operators, sorting and grouping
  • Search with regular expressions
  • Character search – Supports the search for similar words
  • Keyword registration
  • Bookmarks for selected data

Analysis of new digital devices

  • UAV data analysis – flight history, multimedia data, supports the manufacturer DJI/Parprot/PixHawk
  • IoT device data analysis – AI speakers, smart TV, car navigation

Python scripting IDE for custom analysis

  • Includes a Python script editor
  • Supports code generation, execution and debugging and includes sample scripts

Case management and hash value verification

  • Various case management functions
  • Grouping of extraction images
  • Hash value verification on a per image basis

Maximised performance

  • High-speed analysis through multi-core CPU/GPU parallel processing
  • Supports the execution of several instances of the programme (i.e.: one instance for each open case)
  • Analysis status alert – pop-up message informs the user when forensically important data and history is found (i.e. initialisation history, data hidden applications, parallel space)


  • Supports hashing of individual files
  • Supports export analysed multimedia
  • Supports automatic report generation (PDF, Excel, HTML, XML, SQLite DB formats)
  • Supports third-party reporting formats such as Nuix and Relativity
  • Bundling function – bundle generated reports/outputs (exported folders etc.) into one MDF file
System Requirements
OSWindows 8/10 (all 64 bit)
CPUi7 or faster
RAM8 GB or more
Storage1 TB or more
Display1024x768 or higher
USB1 or more USB 2.0 ports
Microsoft. Net framework 4.6.2

Product components

  • PKI 8435 installation software (USB/Online)
  • USB dongle key
  • External HDD for WeChat analysis