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Cloud account forensic Software

Product number: PKI 8440

Digital forensic software for extraction and analysis of cloud accounts. The PKI 8440 Cloud account forensic Software for extraction and analysis is an intuitive digital forensic software tool for the extraction and analysis of data from the cloud. The PKI 8440 Cloud account forensic Software supports a wide range of cloud services as well as a variety of other data sources such as E-Mail, IoT devices and social media accounts.

Product highlights
Supports extraction from global cloud services like Google and iCloud
Supports extraction of cloud-based IoT device data
Supports the extraction of cloud services based in East Asia, such as Baidu and Naver Cloud
Provides an automatic evidence tagging function for intuitive search
Authenticates via ID and password, two-factor authentication, captcha and token credentials found locally on smartphone images such as iOS keychains
Includes an automated web scraping tool for recursively capturing public web pages
Integrates seamlessly with PKI 8435
System requirements
OSWindows 8/10 (All 64bit)
CPUi5 or faster
RAM4 GB or more
Displays1024 x 768 or higher
USB1 or more USB 2.0 ports
NetworkInternet connection via wired or wireless LAN

Supports a variety of cloud services

  • Google, iCloud, Samsung Cloud, Naver Cloud, Evernote, One drive, Baidu

The Cloud account forensic Software runs with e-mail extraction

  • POP3 and IMAP, and special support for Gmail and Naver Mail

Supports extraction from social media services

  • Current support for Twitter and Tumblr, with Facebook support being actively developed

Specialised in East Asian cloud services

  • Baidu cloud in China – Naver cloud in South Korea

Capture cloud-based IoT device data by the Cloud account forensic Software

  • KI speakers and smart home devices
  • Supports authentication via public and unofficial APIs

Supports various authentication methods

  • ID and password
  • Captcha image tests
  • Two-Factor Authentication Messages
  • ID card data extracted from smartphone dump images (such as iOS Keychain)

Provides an automatic web capture function

  • Automated web crawler capable of recursively extracting from a target web page

Real-time monitoring of the extraction progress

  • Shows the progress of running extraction jobs in real time, from zero to one hundred percent

Product components of the Cloud account forensic Software

  • PKI 8440 installation software (USB/Online)
  • USB dongle key

User-friendly interface

  • Characterised by a simple, intuitive and effective user experience that requires little training

Native PKI 8435 integration

  • Imports credentials information found in suspicious smartphone images analysed in PKI 8435

Intuitive search function based on evidence tagging

  • Automatically labels and categorises data as it is extracted from the cloud so that it can be quickly searched, grouped and organised

Integrated data preview

  • Supports the preview of all selected images, videos, documents, websites, emails and much more

Web capture function

  • Supports web acquisition when cloud acquisition does not provide an API

Real-time status check of the acquisition

  • Monitors data acquisition in real time

Simple user-friendly use:

  • Intuitive user interface and fast data extraction

Supports filtering by date range and file type

  • Allows users to limit the results of their analysis only to the period and file types relevant to their case

Securing data integrity on a hash basis

  • Guarantees the integrity of evidence data through powerful hash algorithms such as MD5 and SHA256


  • Provides a reporting tool that supports both PDF and Excel formats