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Data extraction software for Smartphones

Product number: PKI 8430

Data extraction software for smartphones, function phones, drone, smart TV’s, wearables, loT devices, USIM cards, SD memory cards, JTAG cards and chip-off memory. The PKI 8430 Data extraction software for smartphones is a forensic software solution for data extraction on a variety of mobile and digital devices. It supports both physical and logical extraction methods for Android, iOS, Windows OS, Tizen OS and other mobile operating systems.

Data extraction from smartphones, feature phones, IoT devices, smart TV's, drones, chip-off memories and JTAG boards
Powerful extraction tools for devices from Asian manufacturers (Samsung, LG and Chinese brands)
Supports all physical extraction methods - boot loader, (...) and removable media
Supports all logical extraction methods - file systems, (...) and MTP
Activation of the latest mobile phones from Samsung and Chinese (Oppo/ Vivo/ Huawei/ Xiaomi)
iOS backup file decryption and keychain extraction
Selective extraction by partitions, files, categories and applications
Main features
The perfect data extraction tool for various mobile and digital devices
Supports data collection for various models of global smartphone manufacturers (Samsung/ Apple/ LG/ HTC/ ZTE)
Supports devices manufactured in China (Huawei/ Xiaomi/ Oppo/ Vivo, etc.)
Supports extraction of IoT devices, AI speakers, drone and smart TV

Advanced physical extraction

  • Supports Bootloader, Fastboot, MTK, QEDL, Custom Image Android Rooted, iOS Physical, DL, JTAG, SD card, removable media
  • ADB PRO extraction, which supports data collection using vulnerability attacks from Android-based devices
  • JTAG pin map viewer and connection scan AP
  • Data extraction from drones – DJI (Phantom, Mavic), parrot, PixHawk
  • Al Speakter chip-off extraction – Amazon Echo, Cocoa Mini, Naver Clova

Supports the latest iPhone logical extraction

  • iOS Keychain
  • Complete iOS file system
  • Logical extraction for iPhone up to the XS/ XR model
  • Decryption of secured data for the latest version of the iOS device

Supports different physical data reader hardware by the PKI Data extraction software for Smartphones

  • JTAG reader (PKI 8445)
  • Memory chip reader (PKI 8450)
  • SD memory reader and USIM reader

Advanced logical extraction

  • Android Live, MTP, iOS full file system backup, manufacturer backup protocol, local backup, USIM

IoT device data extraction

  • Smart Band – Fitbit
  • Intelligent Watch – Apple Watch (iOS), Galaxy Gear (TizenOS)
  • Smart TV – Samsung (TizenOS), LG (WebOS)
  • AI speakers – Amazon Echo, Google Home, Cocoa Mini, Naver Clova, KT Giga Genie, SK NUGU
  • Drone – DJI (Phantom, Mavic), Parrot, PixHawk

Selective extraction to protect privacy

  • Supports the selective capture of partitions, file, category and application

Useful extraction options of the PKI 8430 Data extraction software for smartphones:

  • User-defined extraction for unlisted models with predefined methods
  • Selective extraction by partition, file, category, privacy application
  • Automatic detection and decryption of partition table and encrypted partition
  • Automatic firmware recovery and retry after failed recovery
  • Pause/ resume function
  • Merges multiple image files – MDF – and binary file – Creates MDF file from PC backup
  • Supports the creation of an MDF file from a PC backup

Special extraction features

  • Supports extraction from Google cloud drives

Ensures the integrity of evidence data

  • Write protection for each piece of evidence
  • Supports ten different hash algorithms, including MD5, SHA1/ 224/ 256/ 384/ 512, RIPEMD128/ 160/ 256/ 320
  • Excellent extraction performance – maximum 32 GB/ 20 minutes
  • Support for extraction of multiple devices
  • Supports both simultaneous and sequential extraction

User-friendly and intuitive interface

  • Intuitive graphical user interface for each extraction method
  • List of characteristics ‚Recently selected models’

Data preview and memory functions

  • Preview of the extraction data – Hex-Viewer
  • Sound alarm and TTS alarm when extraction status changes

Supports various physical data reading hardware

  • JTAG reader (PKI 8445) – Memory chip reader (PKI 8450)
  • SD memory reader/ USIM reader


  • Extraction information – hash value, time, method and file name
  • Generation of an ‚extracted file list‘ with a hash value of each file
  • Generates ‚Witness Document
System requirements
Operating systemWindows 8/ 10 (all 64 bit)
CPUi5 or faster
RAMMinimum 4 GB
StorageMinimum 1 TB
Displays1024 x 768 or higher
USB2 or more UBS 2.0 ports
Microsoft. Net framework 4.6.2

Product Components

  • PKI 8430 installation software (CD/ USB/ Online)
  • USB dongle key
Supports the extraction and unlocking/decrypting of the latest Asian mobile phones
Physical extraction through all barrier bypasses (KNOX/ FRP/OEM, Screen Look)
Samsung Galaxy S/ J/ A/ Note Series
Screen locks: Samsung Galaxy S/ J/ A/ Note Series
ADB Pro physical KNOX bypass - Samsung Galaxy S/ J/ A/ Note series
Vendor backup protocol extraction - Samsung, LG, Huawei
Local backup extraction - Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo, Gionee
Physical extraction for Japanese manufacturer models - Sharp, Sony