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Digital Forensic Software

Product number: PKI 8465

The PKI 8465 Digital Forensic Software is a software tool for extracting and restoring video files directly from damaged video files, as well as from media storage devices such as floppy disks and memory cards.


The key features of PKI 8465 are as follows:

Forensic video data from CCTV, auto black box, smart phone, media storage

  • Global manufacturers IP-CCTV and major manufacturers of auto-dashboard camera, smartphone, desktop, server, camera, camcorder and drone, portable devices and embedded systems

3 types of video data sharing

  • Supports mounted memory like a hard disk through physical connection
  • Supports binary plate images of DD, E01, BIN and MDF
  • Supports files or folders containing damaged or deleted files

3 types of video recovery

  • Restoring the file system
  • Video file signature recovery (DAV, Mp4, MOV, MKV, MPEG, SSF, AVI, ZAV, PS)
  • Recovery of video images (h.264, H.265, MPEG-4, M-Jpeg)

Supports different file systems

  • Supports automatic file system detection
  • FAT 12/ 16/ 32, NTFS, esFAT, HFS+, EXT3/4, TATA16, HIKVISION, DHFS4.1, XFS, F „FS, VDFS
  • Supports the DVR manufacturer’s file system – HikVision, Dahua, Zhiling, Samsung, Bosch, Honeywell, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Support with PKI 8465 is provided as follows

Supports various video codecs

  • supports H.264, H.265, MPEG4, M-Jpeg
  • Adjusting the H.264 resolution for recovery
  • HEVC (H.265) recovery and media playback with ios 11 or higher model
  • Supports video file sampling codec and smartphone codec
  • Custom codec parameter setting

Supports scanning of video files

  • Scanning of frames and file formats
  • Scan deleted and damaged files

Recovery of video images

  • Reconstructs the frame of video files
  • Extracts picture frames with images
  • Supports thumbnail preview and image view

Supports audio file recovery

  • Supports the recovery of audio files for the SILK format

Restoring the selected partition

  • Supports automatic scanning of the partition
  • Supports the recovery of the selected partition

Multi-core CPU/ GPU acceleration

  • Recovery acceleration of the multi-core CPU
  • Detection of object acceleration with multi-core GPU (planned)

Specifications of the PKI 8465 Digital Forensic Software:

Product Highlights

  • Supports preview, recovery and analysis of video data from CCTV, dashboard camera, camcorder and smartphone
  • Supports various DVR file systems, video formats, video codecs
  • Regenerate video with restored video image

Bookmarks, filtering, indexing

  • Supports bookmarking for investigation and report
  • Supports file and frame arranging, filtering and indexing

Extracts time information

  • Obtain time information for image files through metadata analysis of each individual image

Built-in video player

  • Playback of multi-channel video
  • Playback speed control (1/10X, 1/2X, 2X, 4X, 8X)
  • Supports more than 300 image formats (MPS, AVI, WMV, MPEG etc.)
  • DVR video file (DAV, ZAV, SSF)
  • Video Steam Playback
  • Audio playback (QCP, SILK, etc.)

Data viewer

  • Frame picture viewer
  • HEX viewer
  • File viewer

File/ Format Converter

  • Exporting the original or converted file
  • Supports multi-channel image separation memory when extracting files
  • Supports restored single images for conversion to JPG and PNG format
  • Supports conversion of video files to AVI and MP4 format
  • Supports conversion of audio files to MP3 and AMR formats

Ensuring the integrity of evidence data

  • Guarantees the integrity of evidence data based on powerful hash algorithms such as MD5 and SHA256

Reporting functions

  • Supports report formats such as PDF and Excel

System requirements of the PKI 8465 Digital Forensic Software:

  • Operating system: Windows 7/8/10 (64bit)
  • CPU: i7 or faster
  • GPU: 1 or multiple multi-core GPU cards for acceleration
  • RAM: 32 GB or more
  • Storage: 8 TB or more
  • USB: 2 or more USB 2.0/ 3.0/ 3.1 ports
  • Net framework 4.6.2

Product Components

  • MD-VIDEO installation software (CD/USB/Online)
  • USB-Dingle key 1EA