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Professional On-Site investigation package

Product number: PKI 8460

Robust mobile forensics hardware and software package for frontline investigators.
The PKI 8460 Software Package for frontline investigators supports professional on-site investigations. PKI 8460 allows data to be extracted and analysed directly at the crime scene.


Product Highlights

  • PKI 8430/ PKI 8435 pre-installed laptop
  • Mobile forensic all-in-one package for on-site investigation
  • Adaptable package components

Laptop Specification
Operating systemWindows 8/ 10 (all 64 bit)
CPUi/ or faster
RAM8 GB or more
SSD1 TB or more
Displays1024 x 768 or higher
USB2 or more USB 2.0/ 3.0/ 3.1 ports
Microsoft. Net framework 4.5

Key features

Supports data extraction at laboratory level

  • Supports all logical and physical extraction possibilities on site

Supports temporary command center

  • Functions as a mobile forensic control tower at the exact spot where the accident occurred

External camera for chain custody

  • Photography of evidence and recording of the investigation process with an external camera for the chain of custody

Supports all necessary forensic accessories

  • A USB cable, SD reader, USIM reader, USB hub, external camera and external hard disk

Components of the package

  • Robust carrier
  • PKI 8430/ PKI 8435 installation software (USB/ Online)
  • USB dongle key
  • Powerful laptop
  • 5 types of smartphone cables (5, 8, 20, 30, C-type pin)
  • HD External Camera
  • External HDD (for Wechat multi-account analysis)
  • SD reader
  • USIM Reader
  • USB-Hub
  • Portable printer