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Hardware detaching package

Product number: PKI 8455

PKI 8455 is a forensic Hardware detaching package solution for removing the memory from the motherboard of a mobile phone or other digital device. If a device has been damaged by physical force, fire or water, PKI 8455 can perform chip-off forensics. The PKI 8455 Hardware detaching package includes five flash memory sockets for PKI 8450, a heat fan, soldering station, fume extraction unit and microscope, as well as optional components such as a mobile device dryer, rework system and mobile device security box.

Indispensable devices for manual memory removal
Optional automatic finishing machine, dryer for mobile devices and safety box
Key features

PKI 8455 standard models

  • 5 Flash eMMC/ eMCP memory sockets for PKI 8450
  • Heat fan for dismantling work
  • Support for manual soldering
  • Fume extraction for soldering work
  • Microscope – zoom stereo, 3,5X ~ 180 x, illumination
  • Digital microscope with HDMI/USB for PCB inspection

PKI 8455 Optional devices

  • Post-processing station
  • Post-processing station for small PCBs (BK-350S)
  • Optimised for the revision of mobile phones

Mobile equipment and PCB dryer

  • Dryer for printed circuit boards and small digital devices (RG-202)

Security box for mobile devices

  • Memory for mobile devices for smartphone and tablet
  • Charging the battery during storage
  • Sterilisation
  • Digital locking system