This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Detector for Explosive Vapours

Product number: PKI 7335

The PKI 7335 Detector for Explosive Vapours is capable of accurately detecting explosives and displaying their traces in real-time mode.
The operating principle of the PKI 7335 Detector is based on the release of photoluminescence on the sensor material under the condition of the presence of explosive vapours.

The PKI 7335 Detector for Explosive Vapours is used wherever security is a top priority: at mass events, border and customs controls, defence objects, to ensure transport security, to prevent terrorist attacks with explosives, at critical infrastructure objects, even to control the presence of explosive vapours in the air of factories in their work zones.
PKI 7335 has no radioactive source. It has a TNT threshold sensitivity of 1.31 x 10-11gr/sm3, a detection time of 1-2 seconds, and a readiness time of only 15 seconds, with a false alarm rate of only 0.1%.

PKI 7335 detected:

  • Ammonium nitrate
  • Dinitrotoluen
  • TNT
  • Trinitro Resorcinol (picric acid)
  • Dinitronaphthalene
  • Dimetildinitrobutan
  • Ethylene-glycolylated
  • Nitroglycerin
  • TEN
  • Pentaerythritoltetranitrate
  • RDX
  • HMX
  • Benzofuroxan
  • Hexamethylene Triperoxide diamine
  • Industrial explosives based on hexogen (RDX+plasticizer)
  • Industrial explosives based on octogen (HXM+plasticizer)
  • Simteks (RDX+PETN+plasticizer)
  • (HMX+plasticizer)
  • Octal (RDX+TNT)
  • Ammonite
  • Ammonal
  • Nitropowder etc.
Dimensions410 x 192 x 140mm
Detection time2 seconds
Distance from tested object<250mm
Power supply100 - 240V, from the adapter network alternating current with the frequency 50/60GHz
Output voltageAt least 12V
Continuous operation with fully charged batteryMin. 48 hours
Operating temperature0°C to +40°C
Elative humidity<85%