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Handheld Explosive Detector – Newest Version

Product number: PKI 7325

Our most innovative and latest version of the PKI 7325 Handheld Explosive Detector – Newest Version successfully detects explosives as phases and particles with extreme sensitivity. No other explosives detector on the market does this in such a form.

Advantages of the PKi 7325 Handheld Explosive Detector – Newest Version:

When inspecting people, luggage, mail and parcels, vehicles and buildings, the PKI 7325 delivers highly accurate results even in smoky and dusty environments.
This performance is achieved without excessive explosion concentration and even without the usual lengthy cleaning and service procedures.
A list of detected explosives can also be extended under field conditions.
The operation of PKI 7325 Handheld Explosive Detector – Newest Version is based on the principle of non-linear dependence of ion mobility on an electric field.
PKI 7325 Handheld Explosive Detector – Newest Version exceeds the characteristics of the best series-produced devices due to its optimal design, sensitivity, compact size of the basic elements and low power consumption.


  • Direct non-contact detection of TNT vapours and non-volatile explosives, including RDX, HMX, as well as nitroglycerine, ethylene glycol dinitrate (EGDN), pentaerythritol tetranitrate (PENT) and its compounds, Semtex, cyclotriacetone triperoxide, ammonium nitrate, dynamite and explosives based on these explosives.
  • Trace detection of flowing and volatile explosives on the surface in a piezodesorber.
  • Direct operation in smoky and dusty areas, without the use of tools and without the risk of excessive concentration of explosive vapours is possible with the PKI 7325.
  • Explosives detection using defined points that allow reliable detection over a wider range of temperatures and humidity.
  • Self-cleaning and automatic protection against concentration overload – the detector remains operational without long cleaning procedures.
  • Expandable by detection of explosives directly via the detector interface or via USB or Bluetooth connection
  • New explosives can also be used without a computer by the operator under field conditions.
  • PKI 7325’s Small size and weight, long-term use under field conditions make it the perfect choice for any office.
Sensitivity to TNT vapoursg/cm³ 10-14
Analysis time2 sec
Certified detection and sensitivity measured for explosivesTNT, RDX, HMX, PENT
Start time from standby mode6 sec
Distance of vortex sampling in the range60 - 100mm
Operating temperature range5°C to +50°C
Battery life for mixed mode6 - 10 hours
Dimensions350 x 103 x 94mm