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Explosive Raman Identifier

Product number: PKI 7340

The PKI 7340 Explosive Raman Identifier is a handheld device of the latest generation for explosives and precursors as well as narcotics and toxic chemicals based on the Raman identifier principle. Materials can be identified through translucent and semi-translucent containers such as plastic and glass.
Solids, powders and water-based solutions are identified by the PKI 7340 Identifier.

PKI 7340 is robust, can be operated with one hand and is suitable for use in harsh climates and terrain.

The PKI 7340 Explosive Raman Identifier guides the user through the entire identification process, making it indispensable for military explosive ordnance disposal technicians and bomb disposal specialists.

DisplayTouch screen display (compatible with PPE level A gloves)
LibraryOver 500 substances
Detection timeLess than 20 seconds at 20°C
SamplingPoint and shoot
ConnectivityMicro USB
Start timeLess than 20 seconds at 20°C
Operating temperature-20°C to +50°C
Storage temperature-40°C to +70°C
Operation at humidity≥95%
PowerOne lithium battery or USB power source
Dimensions13 x 9 x 6cm