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Portable Flat X-Ray System

Product number: PKI 7100

As far as possible, no time should be lost from the threat to the identification. The PKI 7100 Portable Flat X-Ray System, weighing only 6.5g for the complete unit consisting of X-Ray Source and X-Ray Detector, is ideal for rapid deployment on site. The PKI 7100 fits into any standard backpack or carrier bag. Equipped with a touchpad and the latest image processing software, the PKI 7100 Portable Flat X-Ray System is ready for universal use.



X-Ray Detector
Dimensions425 x 320 x 25mm
Power supplyMains/ rechargeable battery
Resolution40AWG/ 1.25lp/ mm
Pixel Size400
Active area307 x 230mm / 15 In diag
Dead Zone5mm
Communication protocolsWiFi/ Bluetooth or cable driven (optional)
X-Ray Source
Dimensions35 x 8 x 11,5cm
Maximum kV120 (adjustable from 40 to 120kV)
WaveformConstant Potential