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Mobile X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment

Product number: PKI 7250

  • PKI-7250-Mobile-X-Ray-Security-Inspection-Equipment

    PKI 7250 Mobile X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment

The PKI 7250 Mobile X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment is the worldwide leading, mobile system for fast, reliable and sophisticated X-Ray, Metal- and Trace-detection screening. It is a self-contained and trailer- mounted device providing a mobile security system to be used by any government department, in sea- and airports, at border crossings, warehouses and correctional facilities to meet every requirement to screen cargo, packages and luggage. Many government departments of transportation have already approved this tandem axle trailer as being the best solution for all these purposes. Free from noise and distraction, the operators can concentrate on such inspections, as the PKI 7250 Mobile X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment is equipped with a double-walled insulation of 50mm and a super-silent roof-mounted air-condition system. Precise X-ray images of renowned clarity are generated by the integrated X-Ray detector system and superbly displayed on flat screen monitors. The well-appointed station console is ergonomically adjustable and provides a complete array of image identification and processing feature. For each and every operation, equipment quality and placement are determined for longevity and reliability. Several software programmes are already installed on the Pentium 4 computer.

• Flexible, mobile x-ray security inspection equipment
• Stable and superior performance
• High resolution and penetration
• Comfortable internal working condition
• Easy for the passengers and high inspection efficiency

X-ray inspection general specification
Tunnel size1010 mm x 1010 mm
Conveyor speed0,2 m/s
Film safetyFilm safety ISO 1600 film
X-ray leakageComplaint with internal standards
Max. load200 kg (evenly distributed)
ResolutionTypical: 40AWG (diam. 0.0787 mm tinned copper), standard: 36AWG
Penetration (steel)Typical: 32 mm, standard: 27 mm
Spatial resolutionHorizontal Ø1,0mm, vertical Ø1,3 mm
Anode voltage160 KV (adjustable)
Beam directionFrom the top
Cooling and running cycleSealed oil cooling 100%
X-ray sensorMulti-energy L photoelectric diode array detector
Vehicle general specification
Vehicle modelIVECO Turbo daily 2.8T - V42 or similar
External dimension5990 mm (L) x 2100 mm (V) x 2770 mm (H)
Weight3950 kg around (including PKI 7250 X-ray inspection machine) Synchronous
Automatically trigger, automatically calibration
Power5,5 kW
Dynamo7.1 kw/3600 rpm, air displacement 357, 4 stroke air cooling
Comes withWeight lacquer, aluminium guard board, abrasive floor, back door of the operating room,
Reversible lock, power supply system