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X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment

Product number: PKI 7245

  • PKI-7245-X-Ray-Security-Inspection-Equipment

    PKI 7245 X-Ray Security Inspection Equipment

General specification
Tunnel size1550 mm (W) x 1810 mm (H)
Conveyor speed0.2 m/s
Conveyor height350 mm
Max. load2000 kg (evenly distributed)
Resolution36AWG (diameter 0.127 mm tinned copper)
Penetration40 mm steel (guarantee) 43 mm steel (typical)
Spatial resolutionHorizontal Ø1.3 mm, vertical Ø1.3 mm
Image resolution22" LCD 1920 x 1080

Installation Data
Size5150 mm (L) x 2758 mm (W) x 2500 mm (H)
Weight3300 kg
Working temperature/humidity0°C to +45°C / 20% - 95% (non-condensing)
Storage temperature/humidity:-40°C to +60°C /20% - 95% (non-condensing)
Power supplyAC 380V (+10% to -15%)
Power consumptionabout 2.3 (KVA)