This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Document Checking System for Border Security, Homeland Protection and Air- and Seaport Security

Product number: PKI 7255

The PKI 7255 Document Checking System for Border Security, Homeland Protection and Air- and Seaport Security is the frontline practical response to the need for high security. Fast and mobile verification of any printed document as well as for a detailed examination of any surface by analyzing a highly magnified video image, captured in different light wavelengths and light directions. Banknotes, passports, ID cards, visas, applied holograms, shares, titles, permits, passes, vouchers, stamps, cheques, labels, and anything that represents a security document can be thoroughly analized in seconds. With a few mouse clicks on the dedicated hardware that is connected to a desktop or laptop PC, running our special in-house developed software application.

The PKI 7255 Document Checking System provides the necessary light spectrum coverage, using various visible, infrared and ultra-violet lights together with the proper magnification to determine whether the document is real, counterfeited or altered.

The PKI 7255 Document Checking System for Border Security, Homeland Protection and Air- and Seaport Security can verify all security features.
Embedded in a document including material embedded UV fibres, watermarks, cotton textures, threads, surface integrity, security-designed background, micro letters, intaglio printing, engraving, relief effect, embossing, latent images, optically variable inks and devices; UV, iridescent, infrared and visible inks, micro surgery and mechanical alterations, cut and paste operation traces, IR ballpoint ink analysis, hologram images including embedded nano letters and laser perforations.


PKI 7255 can be turned on by pressing any of its buttons while the light source in use will be indicated by the external light indicators. The left button with the UV indication for ultra-violet light activates the UV light sources in order to analyze the document visually or by video image for UV light fluorescence from the so-called „invisible“ printed inks, paper embedded UV fibers, threads or bands. With the centre button with the VL indication for visible light spectrum turns the camera on and shows the first color from the seven available colors and frequencies. These colors are white, red, yellow, green, cyan, blue, magenta, after which the camera stays on without any lightning, for transparency analysis. This configuration requires a small light table (optional) where the document is placed. In addition, demetalized hologram areas as well as brands or threads can be easily verified for their particular details such as microtext or additional designs such as the Euro or US Dollars threads.

The right button with the IR indication for infrared light activates the camera and all IR lights (800nm) are on. Pressing again will lit only one of these light sources at a time circling the inspected area from all four directions until it returns to the original pulsating pink light.


The optional light table (for transmission white light) is particularly useful when inspecting watermarks or demetallized holograms or even threads, always in transparency mode. The unit can operate with batteries or with its power adaptor.

Real time live image display from camera at full resolution
Open/save feature in different formats like: BMP, JPG, TIFF, GIF, PNG, WMF, ICO, EMF
Digital zoom capability, glass magnifier zoom effect and image resize feature
Superimposition of positive and negative images
Software algorithm to expand the dynamic range in order to be fully compatible and visible to the human eye
Save feature of the captured images
Superimposition of live and stored images, in order to compare them
Split screen feature to compare side by side live with stored images
Different measurement features: distances, areas and angles
Complete undo and redo operations
Gamma correction
Operation history
Possibility of mirroring and flipping
Variable super imposition of two images
Computing of the histogram of each image
Real time histogram (red, green, blue and luminescence) of live images and static images
Enhancing filters: emboss, emboss laplacian, sharpen, smooth, mean removal, guassian blur, grayscale, binary transform
Invisible information (IPI decoder) filters used for some passport (like Swiss or Bulgarian) to identify invisible text
Different color and grayscale filters