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Radar Observation System

Product number: PKI 7405

  • PKI-7405-Radar-Observation-System

    PKI 7405 Radar Observation System

PKI 7405 opens up unforeseen opportunities. Walls, doors or other sight screens such as truck tarpaulins are no longer closed. With PKI 7405 you simply look through all obstacles and this up to a distance of 40m without dangerous radiation.
PKI 7405 allows unlimited operation and is nowadays absolutely essential, e. g. for the following services/authorities:

SWAT Teams – Fast Response to Dynamically
Evolving Situations
1. Positive identification of mission objective
2. Valuable situational awareness for enhanced, complex mission planning
3. Recognition of risks prior to sending troops to hostile environment
4. Improved tactics
5. Higher chance of rescue in hostage situations
6. Reduced risk of life loss among own forces, captives as well as suspects
7. Significantly increased chance of mission success

Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Services -Covert Surveillance and Monitoring
1. Long-time covert surveillance of an area of interest
2. Deployment of the system on a tripod and data transfer to a remotely connected location
3. Signal undetectability due to SCFW technology implementation

Fire and Rescue Ser vices – Search and Rescue
Operations made easier
1. Valuable assistance in search vor survivors of building collapses and natural disasters
2. Rapid decision-making
3. Tactical advantage based on real-time information gained on-scene
4. Determining exact location of casualities even under difficult, hostile conditions

Foreign Police – Locating illegal Immigrants in
Truck Trailers
1. Quick check of truck trailer’s interior without the necessity to open it.
2. Possibility of expeditious creation of improvised checkpoint thanks to the system’s stand-off capability.
3. Easier border checks without any risk and with significantly smaller physical demands on deployed troops.

PKI 7405 is a unique application of radar technology designed to detect living beings concealed behind walls and often non-metal obstacles. PKI 7405 is an especially useful tool for police, military and rescue units as it significantly improves their situational awareness about their operating environment.

PKI 7405 is primarily optimized for the detection of moving human beings, but it is sensitive enough to detect even micromovements such as breathing.

It is a system of choice for law enforcement and military special forces when responding against dangerous suspects and persons of interest as well as for fire and rescue services in case of natural disasters and other emergencies. Information gained by the system is displayed in real-time using either 2D or 3D representation.

• Range up to 40m
• Intuitive user interface
• Extremely lightweight
• Breathing action detection
• Remote control capability
• Vertical (through wall) or horizontal (floor/ceiling) deployment
• Built-in recording function
• Tripod and UGV mountable

Size345 x 280 x 112mm
WeightOnly 3 kg including battery
Operating TimeUp to 4.5 hours
Display7“ color LCD touchscreen
RangeUp to 40m
DetectionMotion, motionless people
Field of View120° horizontally, 90° in elevation
Transmitter Output0.63mW
Remote ControlLAN, WiFi