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IED and UXO detector for vehicle protection

Product number: PKI 8975

The PKI 8975 IED and UXO detector for vehicle protection is designed to provide a visual and audible signal when an explosive device is detected. This extremely compact PKI 8975 IED and UXO detector for vehicle protection system consists of a search antenna with on-board electronics, a support frame, as well as mounting adapters and a signal unit for the vehicle cabin. The space underneath and to the sides is covered by an antenna. This electromagnetic detection screen enables the inspection of the vehicle.

The PKI 8975 IED and UXO detector for vehicle protectiontechnology is 100% digital and based on electromagnetic induction (EMI). Furthermore, the PKI 8975 IED and UXO detector for vehicle protectionuses only special materials that protect against mechanical shocks.

Dimensions2520 x 1020 x 63 mm (electronic shield)
Dimensions2500 x 1000 x 5 mm (antenna and electronics)
Weight215 kg
Operating height above floor750 mm above floor
Floor levellingAutomatic
Vehicle attachmentQuick attachment through high-strength support at fixed anchorage points. Fits most types of vehicles
InstallationFront installation at 2 metres from the vehicle
Reference vehicleCougar
Operating principleEMI - Electromagnetic Induction
TechnologyAntenna with on-board electronics
External interfacePower cable, communication cable
Power supply20 - 30 VDC, 35 W max.
Type of alarmVisual and audible alarms emitted to the antennas placed in the driver's cab and terminals connected via serial link
Operating speed0 -5 km/h The speed is not limited and depends on the breams reaction time of the vehicle
Target detectionUXO and IED metals
Operating temperature-20°C to +70°C
Protection classIP68
AutodiagnosisSelf-diagnosis system that detects non-functioning components and cable breaks