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Digital Speed Control Device

Product number: PKI 9855

  • PKI-9855-Digital-Speed-Control-Device

    PKI 9855 Digital Speed Control Device

The PKI 9855 Digital Speed Control Device is the latest generation of police speed laser with outstanding performance and features. It has been updated to provide a larger range, a quicker target detection and a mode for inclement weather, guaranteeing that the PKI 9855 Digital Speed Control Device can be operated even in bad weather incl. snow, rain and fog.

PKI 9855 is the only laser on the market to provide the user with information on both speed and range, in the heads-up display. This informs the operator of the distance of every target, without having to check the LCD constantly. The PKI 9855 Digital Speed Control Device is totally user-friendly as all the keys are back lighted and clearly labelled. Each key has an obvious and clear function. PKI 9855 generates a continuous Doppler-type audio tone which correlates to the  target speed – just like the audio on a police radar. This audio is a substantial aid to understanding and building a target tracking history providing a better evidentiary case for citations. Various accessories are available:

  • Waterproof carrying case
  • Large heavy-duty tripod
  • Side window stabilisation head
  • Shoulder stock stabilisation head
  • Smart charging platform
  • Double capacity NiMH battery handle
  • NiCad battery handle • 12 VDC corded handle


  • Acquisition time less than 0.4 seconds
  • Nominal range min – 2 m, max – 1.200 m
  • Range accuracy less than or equal 1/3 m
  • Speed measure +/- 2 kph to +/- 480 kph
  • Speed accuracy + 1 kph, – 2 kph
  • Dimensions 21,8 x 15,3 x 10,7 cm
  • Weight 1,7 kg
  • Housing metal case with rubber end caps