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Mine Shoes

Product number: PKI 9745

  • PKI 9865 Mine Shoes

The PKI 9745 Mine Shoes are built on the theory of air cushions, which support the body while reducing the pressure in relation to the minefield. PKI 9745 Mine Shoes are the culmination of years of research and have been designed and developed by teams who tested and used them in the field. PKI 9745 represents a totally unique concept enabling the wearer to traverse a mine field over mud, water or any other terrain safely. By simply slipping the compact unit out of his luggage and inflating the air cushions, the user can continue his way within only some seconds. The shoes fold up into a small lightweight package that can easily be stored in a rucksack. The mine shoes are made of sturdy nylon, nylon-reinforced PVC, coated aluminium and steel alloys. The five-air-cushions are of specially designed, patented material created for maximum strength and resiliency.

Size360 x 160 x 120mm
Completely portable, Fully inflatable/deflatable within seconds, Made of tough nylon, nylon reinforced PVC; air cushions of PVC L 152 type, upper rigid frame of aluminium and steel alloys. Self-locking, error-proof device with no moving parts, Metallic parts will not interfere with mine detectors or any other metal detectors. Foldable into a small pack.