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EOD / IEDD Rigging Kit

Product number: PKI 9940

  • PKI-9940-EOD-IEDD-Rigging-Kits

    PKI 9940 EOD / IEDD Rigging Kits

This PKI 9940 lightweight EOD / IEDD Rigging Kit consists in specialist equipment suitable for both semi-remote and manual stages of an IEDD task. It permits rapid and straightforward deployment. Its ability to deploy the various components quickly in all operational settings is possible due to the use of a custom-designed backpack. This backpack provides dedicated stowage for the comprehensive rigging kit, as well as other essential EOD/IEDD items. The stowage pockets inside the main compartment can be re-configured easily by the user according to personal needs.

The EOD/IEDD rigging kit comprises
MovementMain line, secondary line
Attachment and anchoringHooks and eyes, lightweight spring grip, vice jaw grip, self-adhesive anchor pads, suction anchors, shock cord, seizers, rope and wire slings, pitons, karabiners, grip, D-clamp, stoppers, screw eye, door stops
ReachExtension rods, telescopic arm and hooks
Manipulation and handlingStandard snatch block/pulleys, self-opening snatch block/ break-away pulley, splitter ball
Visual searchTactical search mirror, telescopic arm and mirror
 Manual toolsEOD pocket tool kit