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EOD Operators Tool Kit

Product number: PKI 9985

  • PKI-9985-EOD-Operators-Tool-Kit

    PKI 9985 EOD Operators Tool Kit

This PKI 9985 portable EOD Operators Tool Kit is designed for use by bomb technicians. It contains a comprehensive and high-quality selection of more than 60 hand tools for access, investigation and render safe procedures during EOD/IEDD tasks. The complete PKI 9985 kit is supplied in a soft-sided carrying roll with easy-grip handle for convenient access and quick tool selection.

The PKI 9985 EOD operators tool kit comprises:

  • Screwdriver, flat 3.2mm X 64
  • Screwdriver, Philips 0-PTX75m 3.2mm
  • Screwdrivers, jewellers set of 6
  • Wrench, adjustable 150mm
  • Hexagon wrench set
  • Vice grip wrench 250mm
  • Pliers combination 180mm
  • Seizers – metal
  • Tweezers style 178mm
  • Wire cutters, electrical
  • Tin snips universal
  • Utility knife heavy duty
  • Flexi saw 385mm
  • Mini saw
  • Wire strippers 16-26AWG
  • Needle files set
  • Spring hook C-lift
  • Magilite (2x AA cell)
  • Battery AA size Alkaline
  • Cable ties small /medium 10ea
  • Insulated dental mirror 22mm
  • Nylon cord 1.2mm – 10m
  • Wrecking bar 300mm
  • Claw hammer 453,6g
  • Non conductive probe BLK acetal 6mm
  • Tool roll black cordura
  • Screwdriver, flat 5mm x 100
  • Screwdriver Philips 1-PTX75 5.0mm
  • Screwdrivers, TX-Star/Torx set
  • Wrench, adjustable 250mm
  • Vice grip wrench 125mm
  • Pliers snipe nose 40mm
  • Pliers adjustable 250mm
  • Tweezers style 2 curved 174mm
  • Wire cutters, fine
  • Craft knife
  • Blade dispenser heavy duty
  • Pad saw + blades
  • Mini saw blades 10 pack
  • Scissors 150mm
  • Grey rubber door wedge
  • Spring hook C-W
  • AA7” Bend-a-Beam
  • Paint brush 1” dust removal
  • PVC insulation tape
  • Mirror telescopic/articulated 295/455mm
  • Measuring tape steel 3m
  • Scriber double ended
  • Cold chisel engineers 15 x 150mm approx. non conductive probe WHT acetal 6mm