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Special Operations Tool Kit

Product number: PKI 9990

  • PKI-9900-Special-Operations-Tool-Kit

    PKI 9900 Special Operations Tool Kit

The design and construction of this PKI 9990 special Special Operations Tool Kit backpack makes it a suitable comprehensive tool kit for any conventional EOD/IEDD team to deploy with. The internal colour-coded compartments of this PKI 9990 Special Operations Tool Kit is designed to hold the specific tooling in a range of removable internal pouches and fixed netting compartments. Layout is based on tool set grouping and operational precedents when using manual equipment. The layout may be changed at the operator’s discretion. The backpack has also been designed to include extra free space allowing the operator to insert some of their own personal equipment. All the tools have been selected for their quality and reliability with some of them offering multi role capability to reduce total weight. The tools offer the capabilities for search, access, diagnostics and render safe.

Special Operations Tool Kit  PKI 9990 comprises
SearchHead torch, mini hand torch, large hand torch, binoculars, metal detector (multi range)
AccessCordless drill, including accessories and drill bits, knives, saws, nibbler, gas powered hot knife
DiagnosticsMultimeter and diagnostics cabling attachments, electricians probes, hook retrieval equipment, inspection and pick up tooling, consumable components for diagnostics work, cordless glue gun and a range of adhesives
Render SafeScrew drivers - electricians and industrial, sockets and wrench sets, pliers - electricians and industrial, file sets, layout matting, heavy duty tooling - grips, hammer, lifters, wrench bar, electricians tools - strippers, test equipment, tweezers
Carrying equipmentTool backpack, thigh pouch ancillaries hold all
Optional equipmentFreight/flight container