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Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Service

Product number: PKI 9995

The following PKI 9995 Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Service is indispensable for the fight against terrorism. After an attack of terrorists the appropriate technical Equipment for Fire Brigades and Rescue Service must of course be available immediately in order to arrange the necessary rescue activities without any delay. As there is a wide range of such equipment, PKI can only suggest a list indicating a selection of the available products. If you are interested in any of the equipment or vehicles, we shall be pleased to submit you a detailed quotation. As a special service to our customers we also offer second-hand equipment.

  • Fire fighting helmets, lamps for helmets, walkie-talkies, additional accessories for helmets
  • Protective clothing, boots, gloves, heat protective equipment
  • Breathing apparatus sets, thermal imaging cameras, radiation protection, cardiopulmonary resuscitation machines, respirator masks, compressed air bottles, hazmat equipment
  • Valves, pressure hoses, siphon pipes, hose reels, couplers, repair sets for hoses
  • Fire extinguishers, extinguishing agent, fire blankets, portable extinguishers, immersion pumps, portable pumps etc.
  • Power generators, electrical equipment, lamps, spotlight, cable drums, battery charging units
  • Audio/visual warning equipment, megaphones, flashing warning lights, warning and traffic management system
  • Different types of ladders, rescue equipment, rescue stretchers, ambulance boxes, rescue blankets, antifall guard equipment, safety belts etc.
  • Ventilation systems, rescue cutting tools, motor saws, cut-off saws, drilling machines, cable winches, accessories
  • Hydraulic rescue equipment, cutting devices, hydraulic power units, battery-driven rescue equipment, lifting pads
  • Equipment for hazardous waste cleanup, catchment tanks, vessels for waste disposal, sealing material, pumps for oil and chemicals, hose pumps, binding agent for oil, oil barriers, high pressure cleaners

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