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Gas Warning Instruments

Product number: PKI 8255

  • PKI-8255-Gas-Warning-Instruments

    PKI 8255 Gas Warning Instruments

The PKI 8255 Gas Warning Instruments family comes in three versions for the detection of either CO, H2S and O2. All instruments are equipped with a well arranged display providing the most important information. During the development the main focus was laid on a long operating time without need to exchange sensors or battery. Just two buttons allow handling of the unit. Each instrument can be configured via an infrared interface.

The PKI 8255 Gas Warning Instruments allows adjustment of several display modes, different alarm limits, measuring units (mg/m3) or a life signal. As a special accessory a helmet holder is available allowing fixation of the device not only at the chest pocket or belt, but also at the helmet. The sensors, installed in the instruments of the Gas Warning Instruments, guarantee a lowest drift, cross-sensitivity and longest service life for operation during a two-years period without calibration. After a 2-year operating period (1 year in case of 0² detection) the user may need to renew the instrument or to receive a reconditioned unit upon return of the used one. This low cost method then allows an operating period of another 2 years.

Three versions for CO, H2S and O2 / CO measuring range 400 ppm / H2S measuring range 100 ppm / O2 measuring range 25 % by vol. / Protection class IP 54
Operating conditions-20°C to +50°C for short periods
-40°C to +60°C (limited display function)
700 to 1300 hPa 10 to 95% relative humidity for short periods 5 to 99% relative humidity
Storage conditions0°C to +30°C; 30% to 80% relative humidity
Operating period2 years for CO and H2S - 1 year for O2
Dimensions54 x 84 x 32 mm
Weight105 g
Loudness of alarm signal> 90 dB A (typical at 30 cm distance)