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Leak Detector for Gases and Compressed-Air Systems

Product number: PKI 9865

  • PKI-9865-Leak-Detector-for-Gases-and-Compressed-Air-Systems

    PKI 9865 Leak Detector for Gases and Compressed-Air Systems

PKI 9865 is a highly sensitive (ultrasonic range 35 – 45kHz), portable leak detector used to detect ultrasonic vibrations generated by turbulences of the gases escaping through leaks. The device detects escaping gases acoustically and converts their inaudible high-frequency sound into a low-frequency sound in the range of human hearing. The amplified and converted signal is transmitted by loudspeakers or headsets.

The system has a wide range of applications including detection of pressure gas leaks through miniature holes, blow holes or shrink holes in pipelines and tanks; inspection of air brakes at motor and railway vehicles; check of voltage flashovers and corona discharges at electrical installations; proof of sparking at electric motor brushes and ignition sparks at gasoline engines; check of valves; detection of cavitations at pumps and compressors, etc.

With the ultrasonic generator, leaks in welded seams and seals can be detected in closed systems without pressure generation.

A unit consists of PKI 9865 leak detector, directional microphone, sound concentrator (is attached to the directional microphone), contact probe (for engine and ball bearing checks), headset, ultrasonic generator and carrying case. The measuring device is installed in a leather-covered metal housing together with the amplifier and a small loudspeaker. The device is operated with a 9V battery. It has a long service life and is virtually maintenance-free.