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Undercover Investigation Vehicle

Product number: PKI 9855

  • PKI-3310-Observation-Vehicle-Basis-Van-Series-1

    PKI 3310 Observation Vehicle Basis Van Series

Fully mobile & fully independent mobile labs

In our digital age, and with the rapidly growing amount of data associated with it, the collection of evidence is a critical point in digital forensic work. The PKI laboratory vehicles were designed to efficiently capture and analyze enormous amounts of data directly and immediately on site. These mobile labs enable e.g. companies suspected of economic fraud to infiltrate and to create a complete documentation in a short time, which is only one example of their manifold application possibilities. In case of suspicion, you can now bring a completely independent and complete mobile computer lab directly to the scene of the crime and easily map and analyze it just like in the headquarters! All PKI vehicles and containers are developed like a kind of mobile forensic toolkit, so you always have the acquisition hardware, analysis software and workstations on board to find, collect, store, analyse and report the evidence. IT forensics, intrusion detection, eDiscovery and data recovery can be professionally used even in difficult environments, such as undercover operations or conflict areas.

Our novel and sophisticated PKI system, a worldwide unique concept with the specially developed module, enables the integration of highly sensitive IT systems into a vehicle that is constantly exposed to vibrations and shocks. Our unique suspension system ensures that the special electronic components are not damaged while driving! Only with our worldwide unique PKI 9855 model is the long-term secure operation of IT and servers in a moving vehicle possible.

Separate technical area with quality generators with worldwide availability of spare parts.