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Special EOD Vehicle

Product number: PKI 9860

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    PKI 9860 Special EOD Vehicle

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    PKI 9860 Special EOD Vehicle

This PKI 9860 EOD vehicle was designed by experienced EOD specialists from all over the world. Hardest conditions in the Balkans, East and West Africa, Afghanistan and meanwhile also in the Iraq have made sure and also proven that this assortment meets the actual requirements of daily usage. Equipped for a typical EOD team, the required equipment for the different deployment phases:

⦁ Reconnaissance and surveillance,
⦁ Detection and location,
⦁ Providing access,
⦁ Identification and assessment,
⦁ Neutralization,
⦁ Disposal, is available in the vehicle.

The equipment assorted by active EOD specialists and the vehicle can of course be expanded or modified optionally on the customer´s request.

The equipment comprises among others: Hooks and sets of cords, metal detectors, various equipment to scan the environment, explosive auxiliaries, antimagnetic tools, bomb fragment protection suits and helmets, bomb fragment protection cover and EOD shield, telescopic manipulator, communications means (radio sets) mobile current generator, and a bomb container to evacuate smaller explosive devices.

This equipment perfectly accommodated in a van (e.g. Mercedes Benz Vito) can thus be quickly transported to the place of action.