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Hybrid Power Generating System 15kVa, 1x 230VAC, 50Hz

Product number: PKI 9745

  • PKI-9745-Hybrid-Power-Generating-System-15-kVa-1-x-230-VAC-50-Hz

    PKI 9745 Hybrid Power Generating System 15 kVa, 1 x 230 VAC, 50 Hz

No matter in which part of the earth, current is required everywhere. This has brought PKI to develop a so-called compact Hybrid Power Generating System 15kVa, 1x 230VAC, 50Hz system for the generation and storage of power. In order to accomplish this in an environmentally friendly way the natural resources must be used wherever they exist. That means wind and solar energy in connection with a center for the control and charging of various accumulators. An additional silent power generator driven by liquefied petroleum gas or diesel will automatically replace the required capacity when there is no wind or sunshine. The PKI 9745 can be delivered in different power settings depending on the requirements. For a quotation, we need detailed specifications.

Spezifikation of the PKI 9745 Hybrid Power Generating System 15kVa, 1x 230VAC, 50Hz:

• Solar system: 4 x 280 W = 1.1 kW
• Dimensions per panel: 196 x 93 cm (4x)
• Wind generator: 1.5 kW
• Power generator: 230V AC, 50 Hz, 7 kVA
• Fuel: Liquefied petroleum gas or diesel
• AC Inverter/battery charger:
15 kVA continuous output
30 kVA peak output
24 VDC, 120 A
• Accumulators: 12 x 2V battery cells, cycle-proof per 1250 Ah, service life 15-20 years
• Power distributor: for central connection of inverter, wind generator, solar and charging connection for low and extra-low voltage
• Cable set: the complete system