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Hydraulic Cutter

Product number: PKI 9690

  • PKI-9690-Hydraulic-Cutter

    PKI 9690 Hydraulic Cutter

The PKI 9690 Hydraulic Cutter has a powerful cutting function and is able to cut round steel up to a diameter of 30mm. The cylinder is made of high strength light alloy for astronautics. The surface is ceramic treated. The cutter is made of special tool steel, which can be sharpened repeatedly. The system adapts German seals and hydraulic oil for navigation which ensures the use in an environment of -30°C to +55°C and in a depth of 30m under water. The PKI 9690 Hydraulic Cutter complies with German DIN 14751.

Dimensions730 x 190 x 165mm
Working pressure63MPa
Max. cutting force420kN
Max. cutting capacity30mm diam.
Max. opening capacity150mm
Hydraulic pumpOn request