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Hydraulic Spreader

Product number: PKI 9685

  • PKI-9685-Hydraulic-Spreader

    PKI 9685 Hydraulic Spreader

The PKI 9685 Hydraulic Spreader is a multi-functional item for various operations, such as spreading, pulling, holding, separating and much more. The spreading head with anti-sliding teeth is made of super-high strength light aluminium alloy for navigation and astronautics. It ensures that the spreading and holding operation is safe and reliable. Our system adopts German seals and hydraulic oil for navigation, which ensures the use in an environment of -30°C to +55°C and in a depth of 30 m under water. The PKI 9685 Hydraulic Spreader complies with German DIN 14751.

Dimensions704 x 280 x 185mm
Weight1 kg
Working pressure63 MPa
Spreading force42 - 120kN
Spreading distance630mm
Pulling force55kN
Pulling stroke500mm
Hydraulic pumpOn request