This product is listed in: Police, Customs and Military Equipment

Hydraulic Door Opener

Product number: PKI 9180

PKI 9180 Hydraulic Door Opener is a hand-held unit for mobile, quick, uncomlicated opening of doors. The steel wedge located in the device is pressed into the gap between door and jamp and is spread using the hydraulic hand pump until the locking mechanism yields and the door can be opend.
Door spreading is also possible below the hinge assambly. The PKI 9180 Hydraulic Door Opener is completely embedded into foam plastic in an aliminium carrying case and quickly mounted.
Auxiliary tools, such as a steel hammer with plastic coating and pry bars, are also included.

The PKI 9180 Hydraulic Door Opener consists of the following 6 parts:

  1. 10 to hydraulic door opener, 100 mm stroke, with claw, swivel joint, quick coupling plug with dust cover and 120 mm sling assembly
  2. Compact hydraulic pump, 700 bar, single stroke with quick coupling socket
  3. Hose, 3 m, with quick coupling socket and plug with dust cover
  4. Compo-cast dead blow hammer, 1.200 g
  5. Pry bar, 340 x 45 mm
  6. 90° HD adaptor with quick coupling plug and socket and dust cover
Hand pump4,3 kg
Carrying bag dimensions80 x 40 x 20 cm
Total weight20 kg
Operating pressure (bar/psi)400 - 700 (+4/-1) / 5,800 - 10,150 (+580/-140)
Oil capacity/ usable oil capacity0,7/ 0,5 l
Oil delivery LP/HP cm³7,2/ 0,9 per piston stoke
Switch over (bars/psi)20/290
Dimensions353 x 150 x 171 mm
Weight with oil4,3 kg
Operating temperatures-20°C to +55°C
Ambient temperature (device in use)-24°C to +45°C
Storage temperature (device not in use)-30°C to +60°C
Door opener7 kg
Dimensions20 x 12 cm
Hydraulic line3 m, 1 kg
Hammer1,2 kg, length of handle 28 cm x 12 cm x Ø 7 head
Pry bar0,6 kg, L= 32 cm x 3,5 cm
AngleL= 7 cm x 3,5 cm