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Hydraulics Door Opener

Product number: PKI 9175

  • PKI-9175-Hydraulics-Door-Opener

    PKI 9175 Hydraulics Door Opener

The PKI 9175 Hydraulics Door Opener has been designed for quick, mobile application to open doors of any kind. It is used to spread door jambs so that the locking mechanism is released from the door lock and the door can be opened. This Hydraulics Door Opener equipment uses quiet hydraulic pressure to spread door jambs and release latch bolts from mortices. The non-slip clutch allows the telescopic bar to hand-fit into the door opening. The operator then uses the hand pump, which quickly extends the piston and exerts 3 tons of force – enough to break open most types of singles doors.

Weight14 kg
Dimension70 cm, Ø 8 cm,
extractable up to 110 cm
Carrying bagBlack
Carrying bag dimensions:80 x 40 x 20 cm

• 3 tons of horizontal force
• Virtually noiseless
• Lightweight
• Instantly adjustable
• Fits most single, swing-in doors
• Fast – piston extends quickly