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IR Wide-Area Surveillance IR Radar

Product number: PKI 7465

The PKI 7465 IR Wide-Area Surveillance IR Radar is used to protect critical infrastructures such as Power Plants, Data Centres, Dams, Prisons, Water Treatment Plants, Solar and Wind Farms, Oil and Ammunition Depots etc. The PKI 7465 IR Wide-Area Surveillance IR Radar offers full 360° panoramic coverage, day and night inspection even in adverse weather conditions, quick deployment and easy installation, automatic tracking with excellent image quality and undetectable as a passive system.

The uncooled IR technology allows almost maintenance-free operation.
The PKI 7465 IR Wide-Area Surveillance IR Radar is a high-resolution panoramic thermal camera that works as an infrared radar.
It can be mounted quickly and discreetly on a mast or on the roof of a building.
Surveillance coverage, even in complete darkness, is possible up to 900m, on special request even up to 1.5km.

Dimensions125mm x 200mm
Power supply24V / Power over Ethernet
Power Consumption8W
Protection StandardIP 66
Detection Range forHuman: Up to 400m
Car: Up to 900m (on special request up to 1.5km)
Horizontal Field of View360°
Vertical Field of View36°
Vertical Adjustable Tilt-18°/ +18°
Scanning Rate1Hz (360° / 1 sec.)
Sector Scan Rate1.5Hz on 180-degree sector, 2.5Hz on 90-degree sector
Detector Format (Horizontal)> 600 pixels
Image Resolution2.6 Mpixels
Video Output and ControlTCP/ IP
Optional CommunicationWireless
Operating Temperature Range-40°C to +55°C