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IR Wide-Area Surveillance

Product number: PKI 7470

The PKI 7470 IR Wide-Area Surveillance is an uncooled long-wave infrared camera system with a visible 360°field with high resolution as an option.
This can detect people at a distance of up to 2.5km in total darkness or through smoke or in adverse weather conditions.

The PKI 7470 IR Wide-Area Surveillance is the ideal surveillance solution for commercial applications such as monitoring airports, ports or critical infrastructure facilities. It can simultaneously detect an unlimited number of targets, including detectable threats such as small, slow or tangentially moving targets.



  • 360°-degree full panoramic view with a single sensor
  • All-round surveillance day and night, even in adverse weather conditions
  • Automatic, simultaneous target tracking of all threats with excellent image quality
  • Cost-effective and reliable surveillance against asymmetric threats
  • Compact. robust. lightweight equipment for rapid deployment
  • Fully passive system, completely undetectable compared to radar
  • Maintenance-free uncooled LWIR detector


  • 24/7 perimeter security
  • 360°- Asymmetric threat detection
  • Continuous wide area surveillance (airport/ taxiway/ port)
  • Protection of critical infrastructure facilities
  • Passive surveillance at the border and coast
Dimensions400 m x 500mm
Power supply24V DC/ 10 Amps max at startup
Protection StandardIP 66
Detection Range forHuman: Up to 2km
Car: Up to 4km
Ship: Up to 12km
Horizontal Field of View360°
Vertical Field of View9° (-6.5° to +2.5°)
Scanning Speed0.25 rps (360° / 4 sec)
2.5Hz on 90-degree sector
Infrared detector typeUncooled LWIR FPA (> 600 pixels horizontally)
Infrared image resolution10 Mpixels
Visible detector type2048 x 1536
Visible image resolution100 Mpixels
Video output and controlTCP/ IP