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Laser Range Finder

Product number: PKI 7460

  • PKI-7460-Laser-Range-Finder

    PKI 7460 Laser Range Finder

The PKI 7460 Laser Range Finder is a hand-held, lightweight and compact device for every kind of distance measurements. Having this unit available at any time, is a must to every government department being involved in urban structure development as well as police or military forces where a correct knowledge about the distance to an aimed target is essential. By means of a totally eye-safe and invisible laser beam, emitted by a special laser diode, the running time to the aimed target is determined for a correct distance measurement. The PKI 7460 Laser Range Finder operates either in passive mode (without reflector) or in active mode (with reflectors or reflecting foils). The integrated declination sensor elicits the exact distance to the aimed target. The result is digitally shown on eyepiece screen and furthermore can be transferred to PC or Datalogger via built-in interface.


  • Distance of measurements: approx. 1.000 m in passive mode, approx. 2.000 m in active mode (depending on reflexing capacity of target and meteorogical conditions)
  • Accuracy of measurement: 30 cm up to approx. 800 m distance, 1 m for larger distances
  • Measurement of declination: +/- 90°
  • Accuracy of decline measure: +/-0.25°
  • Power supply: 2 batteries type AA
  • Laser protective class: class 1
  • Interface: RS 232
  • Optical enlargement: 7 times
  • Weight: 220 g