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Acoustic Warning Device

Product number: PKI 7430

  • PKI-7430-Acoustic-Warning-Device

    PKI 7430 Acoustic Warning Device

This PKI 7430 Acoustic Warning Device immobilizes everyone approaching you nearer than 200m. A directed audio signal with 80dB attains absolute threshold of pain. The sound beam can be used to assist law enforcement and security officers in riot control, maritime/perimeter security and counterterrorist hostage situations by allowing the operator to communicate with, and in some instances determine the intention of, a target individual over previously unattainable distances. At close range the device can be used to send an extremely uncomfortable ear-piercing noise to deter potential intruders or rioters. In anti-terror or hostage situations the PKI 7430 Acoustic Warning Device can be used to distract attention away from other activity or to project a clear voice signal over many hundreds of metres.

Maximum continuous output148dB SPL at 1 meter
Beam width+/- 15° at 1kHz/-3dB
Frequency range200Hz - 20KHz
Communication rangeHighly intelligible speech transmission over 2000 meters, max. range of 650 meters over 88dB of background noise
Emitter Array Dimension635 x 635 x 304mm
Emitter Array Weight20kg
Power consumptionNormal power consumption 250 watts, peak power consumption 350 watts
Power input12 - 28VDC
Electromagnetic compatibilityFCC part 15 class B radiated emissions, MIL-STD-461E, CE